Promoting FPOs for resilient incomes and sustainable farming practices in India

The webinar on “Promoting FPOs for resilient incomes and sustainable farming practices in India” brought together experts, practitioners, and government officials to discuss challenges and opportunities related to Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs). Key messages from the webinar included the importance of access to finance for FPOs, ensuring farmers receive a share of profits to maintain loyalty, the role of an anchor person in driving FPO success, the need for diversification in crops and marketing strategies, and the significance of FPOs adopting a regional development perspective and sustainable agricultural practices.

Success stories of FPOs were shared, highlighting examples such as Sahyadri Farms, Sahaja Samrudha, and Yashaswini Agro Producer Company. These FPOs achieved success by diversifying their production, conserving traditional crop varieties, and implementing various developmental initiatives. The panel discussion emphasized the need for FPOs to have multiple revenue sources, consider different perspectives on resilience, and establish strong leadership roles. Financing options for new FPOs were discussed, including starting with smaller loans from non-banking finance corporations and gradually scaling up.

In conclusion, it was highlighted that FPOs should prioritize member relationships, effective pricing and procurement strategies, financial decision-making, digitalization for efficient record-keeping, and striving for better member value. The ultimate mission of FPOs is to create surpluses in the hands of their members, contributing to their resilient incomes and overall well-being.
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