The Southbound Resilience Webinars: EbA And Agriculture

The Southbound Resilience Webinars, launched on June 8, 2023, were a collaborative effort by ECOBARI, WOTR, and W-CReS, supported by Honeywell. The objective of the webinars was to address the challenges faced by agriculture in the Global South through the lens of Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA). The first webinar in the series focused on upscaling EbA in the agricultural context, with specific discussions on digital extension services and community-based social and agroforestry.

During the webinars, two organizations, Digital Green and Gram Vikas, delivered presentations showcasing their approaches and insights. Digital Green highlighted their community-centric approach, leveraging technology and data to enhance the effectiveness of agricultural extension services and improve farmer incomes. They emphasized the importance of data-driven decision-making, equitable participation, and the utilization of biodiversity and ecosystem services for agricultural resilience. Gram Vikas, an NGO based in Odisha, shared their commitment to upscaling EbA through their Water Secure Gram Panchayat (WSGP) Programme. They showcased their community-owned social and agroforestry initiative, which empowered rural communities to manage natural resources, ensure equitable water access, and enhance community resilience.

The Southbound Resilience Webinars provided a platform to explore the potential of EbA in addressing agricultural challenges in the Global South. By featuring case studies and fostering knowledge sharing, the webinars aimed to expand ECOBARI’s network and contribute to the wider adoption of EbA practices in India and other regions facing similar challenges.

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