Expert Dialogues

The Expert Dialogues was an event that brought professionals from various sectors together to address real-world challenges in India and globally. The event focused on four key areas: OneHealth, Regenerative Agriculture, Ecosystems Valuation, and Circular Economy. Through targeted discussions, experts explored and developed pilot projects to tackle specific problems within each focus area. These projects included testing a One Health framework in Bengaluru, implementing sustainable agriculture in rural communities in Maharashtra, piloting effective ecosystem service and bioresource use in rural Aspirational Districts of India, and developing a “transition toolkit” for circular economies based on a high-value business case in India.

Following the online meetings, interested participants had the opportunity to nominate postgraduate students as Senior Ambassadors for the “Sustainability Ambassadors Global Exchange Program” (SAGE). The program was launched in the first half of 2023, featuring a training program in India where students engaged with the echo network members, key stakeholders, and pilot communities. They gained insights into the prevailing sustainability challenges in India and prepared for the pilot projects through interactive lectures, field visits, and other activities. Simultaneously, Indian undergraduates participated in the SAGE Junior Ambassadors program.

The culmination of the Sustainability Ambassadors Global Exchange Program was a Network Summit held in India. This summit brought together senior experts, students, and consortium members to discuss the proposed pilot projects and the outcomes of the training program. The pilot projects developed during the event served as the basis for an application to secure funding for a virtual international institute that would support Postgraduate Fellows in collaboration with participating institutions. The aim of the five-year institute was to advance research and sustainability initiatives, fostering long-term solutions to the identified challenges.


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