SAGE Senior Ambassador Program

The SAGE Fellowship program is a short-term exchange program (STEP) that brings together Masters or PhD students from India and Nordic countries in a collaborative effort to address current on-ground issues in India. The program spans 10 weeks, starting with two weeks of concentrated online lectures, followed by remote and collaborative pilot research for six weeks. It culminates in a two-week in-person training and network summit hosted in Bengaluru, India. With up to 25 participants, the program offers immersive experiences, including lectures, field trips, panel discussions, stakeholder interactions, and networking events both online and in India. It aims to foster cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary research among students from social, natural, physical, and engineering sciences.

The program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of key topics, such as One Health, Ecosystem Valuation, Circular bioeconomy, and Regenerative Agriculture, where ECOBARI is the implementation partner guiding projects related to Regenerative Agriculture. Through remote collaboration, students work on pilot research projects, sharing expertise and addressing problem statements within international consortia. The in-person training and network summit in Bengaluru offer students an opportunity to engage with consortia members, stakeholders, and local communities through interactive lectures, field visits, boot camps, and other activities.

At the Network Summit, students present their pilot project outcomes, fostering discussions and future plans in the four focus areas. The SAGE fellowship program aims to create a platform for interdisciplinary exploration, knowledge sharing, and long-term collaborations to tackle the identified challenges in India. By bringing together students from different academic backgrounds and facilitating engagement with real-world issues, the program seeks to contribute to practical solutions and sustainable outcomes.

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