The Southbound Resilience Webinars: Water Governance for EbA


The second installment of the flagship series of ECOBARI called the “Southbound Resilience Webinars” on Water Governance for EbA was held on August 23, 2022. Organized in association with WOTR, W-CReS and supported by Honeywell, the session was dedicated to delving into role of digital technologies in water governance and Pani Panchayat for sustainable communities within the context of Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) in the Global South. Discussions during the webinar provided crucial insights into the challenges and opportunities that shape sustainable water governance in agricultural contexts.

Key discussions centered around the imperative of addressing water-intensive crop cultivation, underlining how shortsighted policies and practices have intensified water stress and resource depletion. The consensus highlighted the need for policy realignments to foster the conservation of water and sustainable agricultural practices. The availability of water was emphasized, aiming to ensure equitable resource distribution and enhance resilience against water scarcity.

A pivotal aspect of the webinar revolved around data privacy and security in the realm of community-based data collection. Speakers emphasized that protecting data confidentiality is paramount for establishing trust within communities. Adhering to data privacy regulations was stressed as essential for transparent and secure data sharing. The conversations underscored that a robust data sharing framework can drive informed decision-making processes, contributing significantly to effective and sustainable water management practices.

In conclusion, the webinar was crucial for unpacking the domain of water governance under the umbrella of Ecosystem-based Adaptation. Insights from the discussions underscored the urgency of policy reforms, data security measures, and the holistic integration of strategies for resilient water management. As water scarcity and agricultural complexities persist in the Global South, the webinar’s takeaways provide valuable guidance for forging sustainable solutions in water governance.

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